Individual risk assessment and portfolio analysis

This is the first stage for any client of FAR Capital and this is where we asses the following :

1. Individual Analysis :

  • Understanding client's income, debts, risk tolerance, age
  • Explain client's leverage capabilities
  • Understanding clients financial objectives
  • Optimize and cutting down financial "fats", to ensure financial profile is clean

2. Current portfolio assessment :

  • Looking at client's existing portfolio
  • Run analysis to see how well the current portfolio will perform
  • Identify gaps between client's goals and current portfolio
  • Identify property “fats” and learn how to trim down
  • Formalize and action plan of how to reach client's financial objectives

The outcome of this process will give both the client and FAR Capital full clarity on existing gaps and what's the investment action plan moving forward.

Asset class, area and property analysis

At FAR Capital, you can leverage on our world-class research team to help you with the following :

Asset class analysis
  • Identifying the best property asset class for you to meet your financial objectives
  • Understanding the risk and reward for any particular asset class
Area analysis
  • Zooming into to areas with the best future growth prospects
  • Understand current and upcoming demand + supply for the area
  • Understand demographics of residents in the area
  • Understand game-changing infrastructure that will come to the area
Property analysis
  • Zooming into to a specific property within a shortlisted area
  • Understand current transaction value of both rent and sale
  • Setting fair-value for purchase

Once this process is completed, FAR Capital will start sourcing for properties on behalf the client that meets all this pre-agreed criteria's

Hunting & sourcing for new properties

Secondary Market
  • Look for areas or development with boosters
  • Look for units with significant price disparity in a single development
Primary Market
  • Bulk purchase of unclear stocks from other developers at significant discounts
  • En-bloc deal at start of the development to secure prime units
  • Open auction - Acquire medium to high end properties from auction at significant discount
  • Private auction - Acquire en-bloc distressed properties from private listing.
  • Source for undervalued but run down properties that requires cosmetic refurbishment

Securing and facilitating purchases

At FAR Capital, you can leverage on our network and resources to get the following done :

1. Securing loans :

  • Leverage on our network of highly motivated, experienced bankers who delivers.
  • Advisory on which loan strategies that works best in your favor! ( Some of our clients could end up getting zero interest loans on purchases)

2. Legal assistance :

  • Explore usage of multiple asset vehicles. One can explore acquiring Malaysia properties using under personal, coorporation, or trust.
  • Enrollment into MM2H programs
  • Zero-down method : Purchase properties using zero or minimal cash as possible
  • Conduct relevant due-diligence on the purchase prior confirming the deal

3. Tax and currency hedging strategies :

  • Understand tax-breaks available and how to utilize them
  • Currency movements and hedge

Manage refurbishments, value creation

Often once the asset is acquired, we will need to work on refurbishments to increase the values of the property. Our philosophy on this are as per the following :

Tenant-centric refurbishment
  • As we perform plenty of area analysis, we often have a good idea on what the tenant wants.
  • Target a specific tenant group, especially the more premium ones
  • Putting the unit up as per tenants requirements will give best rental returns and minimize wastage on both monetary and time due to lower vacancy period
  • We often take no longer than 30 working days to complete refurbishments. The faster we complete your refurbishments, the faster you'll start recouping your investments
Creative Marketing
  • Utilize professional tools to create exceptional marketing collaterals ( professional photographer, videos)
  • Usage of social media friendly marketing tools
Cost and returns
  • Our refurbishment packages are often much lower priced compared to you hiring interior designers
  • As we understand the valuer's and banks valuation process, our refurbishment often helps adds incremental value to your property upon disposal. Simply put, effective refurbishments can significantly increase the value of your property upon disposal of the asset.

Managing tenants

Managing tenancies can be tedious task. FAR Capital can helps improve your investing experience by providing advice and resources for the following :

Advertising and searching for tenants
Filtering of tenants
Prepare documentation for tenancies - Tenancy agreement, checklist of items, stamping of the agreements.
General maintenance of the units through out tenancies, so tenants only reach us for issues and spare you the trouble
Exit checks and cleaning the property to welcome new tenants. Usage of social media friendly marketing tools

Disposal of the asset

At FAR Capital, we monitor our client's portfolio closely. Once a particular property has meet its investment objective or due for optimization, we will assist clients in the disposal of the asset by providing the advise and support of the following :

Advertising and searching for buyers
Recommendation of agents
Recommendation of legal representation
Minimize tax exposure
In the event of an optimization exercise, we identify property of similar traits with better upcoming prospects.